Friday, August 22, 2003

Ask Jeeves search engine founder Garrett Gruener is a candidate in our recall election, but when you ask "Ask Jeeves" Why is Gruener running for governor of California? you don't get a link to his site - What you get are ads for the official sites of candidates Peter Ueberroth and Georgy Russell, and an un-official Arnold the Governator merchandise site.

In fact, when you do find Gruener's web site, you see that the guy who made his fortune with Ask Jeeves, and at Silicon Valley venture capital firm Alta Partners, has a big "Full Website Coming Soon" banner on his page and very little information. To his credit, at least he didn't start with a "Donate Now" button and no positions like a certain action figure did. Dig a little deeper and find Gruener's daily blog, and you'll discover a thoughtful guy who's on the correct side of several issues. I'll be checking back to see if more content, positions, and ideas are forthcoming. If anybody should be able to communicate to voters online, this is a guy who should be doing it.

Meanwhile, perhaps we can skip the whole costly election? Maybe we should just leave it up to the free market to decide who our Governor should be?

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