Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Guess who's turned out to be an anti-semite and right-wing religious nut? None other than Mel Gibson has decided he's a martyr for big guy. Very disappointing news. Seems he's a member of some "traditionalist" Catholic church that rejects everything Rome has done since at least 1965. That was when the Vatican officially came out and said it was time to stop blaming "the Jews" for killing Jesus.

But young Melly likes the blood libel, and has just privately produced a new movie called The Passion to tell the truth about the last 12 hours of Jesus' life, and the part played in that drama by blood-thirsty, money-hungry Jews. But I, perhaps, overstate the film's point-of-view. After all, how would I know? How would any Jew know? Mel is only screening the picture for like-minded evenagelicals; no Jews invited. Turns out Mel's daddy is a Holocaust denying author as well.

Many thanks to for that link. Now, if you really want to know what happened during Jesus' final days, you have to check out Jesus' Kid Brother to learn about Larry Christ, the kid with an inferiority complex of biblical proportions.

Speaking of morons, the other day I was at a "Mid-Year Economic Update" breakfast meeting sponsored by the local business paper and one of the speakers was local big-time developer Barry Swenson. Barry's an amusing dude, who's not afraid to tell it as he sees it and can be a very entertaining speaker. But he's also a political shil when it comes to apologizing for the Republicans. Barry stated that Clinton deserved no credit for the economic boom of nineties and that Bush deserved no credit for the subsequent crash. I'll partially agree with that; much of what happened in this cycle was beyond Washington's control. (Keyword: partially).

Barry then went on to say that Bush was "doing everything he could, short of dropping money out of an airplane" to get the economy rolling again. Okay, Barry, which is it? Does the president (any president) have the ability to control the economy or not? You can't have it both ways. But he did get me to thinking...

If it's true (as Barry said) that the president and Congress don't have that much to do with the economy, but we had this great boom under Democrats and this never-ending recession under Republicans, then we ought to vote out all the Republicans. If Republicans are so good at fixing the economy, but everybody is ineffective in government, we should set the Republicans free to return to the private sector and do their magic. Get the Democrats out of companies and into office where they can't hurt anything important.

But enough of morons already! Checking in with somebody really cool, Georgy Russell only needs another $672 to make it onto California's gubernatorial recall ballot. Finally a Democrat I can believe in. Visit her site and help out democracy!

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