Saturday, August 30, 2003

Don't be surprised if sometime, somewhere, when you least expect it, somebody walks up to you and says, "Smile! You're a candidate for Governor of California!"

Here's a little project I'm not quite sure what to make of yet. Candidate Camera is compiling an online photo album of the recall election from the 135 candidate's point-of-view. So far, that sounds great. I appreciate how all 135 are treated equally on this site and given equal access to share their photos.

What's a little questionable about it is the motive. Are they really trying to give us a peak at democracy in action? Or are they just trying to sell digital cameras? I think it's a little bit of each. The editor of the site is a respected photographer, and seems hot on the first idea. But to get it to work required getting a sponsor, and that's where Gateway comes in.

You can't visit the site without being reminded that Gateway supplied the digital cameras to each candidate (does this count as a campaign donation?). Who knew that Gateway made cameras, as well as computers? I didn't, but I sure do now.

Advertising campaign for digital cameras... democracy in the works... it's all the same and blended seamlessly into this thing called California Demockracy.

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