Thursday, August 21, 2003

Promising to "Clean House," Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to be governor AND chief janitor of California.

Refusing to come up with a specific economic plan before the October 7 recall election, the would-be Governator said, "The public doesn't care about facts and figures. They've heard figures for the past five years. What the people want to know is if you are tough enough to clean house."

Excuse me, but the Governor is supposed to be the chief executive of the state, not the chief janitor. I, for one, do care about facts, and I find figures to be fairly important as well. Tough is good. Has an idea of what he’s doing is even better. Let me repeat one thing: I care about facts. Very much.

Arnold has promised to reform the workers' compensation system "the day I'm sworn in." When pressed for details on this and his other priorities, he said, "It would be wrong for me to come up with all kinds of exact solutions . . . when I don't know the problem."

OK. He admits that he doesn’t know the problem. He refuses to think about specifics before the election. Yet, somehow, he knows how to reform the workers' compensation system in a single day.

Be afraid. Be very afraid . . . But wait! . . . It’s not all bad news!

Voter registration is on the rise as citizens are awakening to the excitement. As I've always maintained, more candidates will bring out more voters and enliven our democracy.

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