Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Finally, the number of candidates has moved down, rather than up. Out of 247 people who turned in paperwork, 76 (so far) have been found to be incomplete or invalid, leaving us with a maximum of 171 candidates for governor in California's recall election. The final list will be certified by the end of today.

Reminder: September 22 is the deadline to register to vote in this election (if you voted in the last election in your county, you are still registered).

Also, while the big focus is on the recall, don't forget that there will also be two initiatives (proposition 53 & proposition 54 "CRECNO") on the ballot. Be sure to read up and vote on those too!

Schwarzenegger has set up a campaign Web site,, but so far it's only taking campaign contributions. There are no policy statements.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Willie Brown prays for a miracle, and Ralph Nader gets a pie in the face.

More tomorrow...

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