Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Yesterday's big (recall) news, of course, was Gray Davis' lawsuit to a) delay the recall election until March 2004's primary election, and b) to have his name listed on the second part of the ballot. What a friggin' weasel!

Again - let me be sure I get this in at the start - I do not support the recall. This is all a political game of right-wing rich-boy Darrel Issa. It is a waste of the public's time and money. But that doesn't mean that Davis isn't a political weasel too.

The argument for delaying the recall is legitimate: to save tens of millions of dollars by consolidating it with an already scheduled election. However, nearly as much could be saved with a delay of only one month, to Novemeber 2003's special election, when several Counties already are scheduled to have their local elections. The point of scheduling a recall as soon as possible after the signatures qualify is that it is a vote of No Confidence! No Friggin' Confidence means we can't afford to wait six friggin' months to ask the question. A longer delay is purely a poltical tactic that will help Davis and one or two other well-funded "major" candidates, and will be beyond the public's attention span. Yes, he thinks that by delaying the election, we'll forget why we're mad at him, and Not Vote. Delay to November? Sure; legitimate. Delay to March? Weasel politics.

The second part of his suit is to have his name listed as a candidate on the second part of the ballot; where we'll choose a replacement Governor in case Davis gets the boot in the first question. It's an interesting idea, but does he really think people will vote for the recall, then select him as the Governor? Of course not! What Davis is banking on is a crowded Republican field splitting the conservative vote many ways, and the Democrats all staying in line behind him. If he's the only big-time Dem on a ballot filled with Republicans, he's betting he will win re-re-election, even with a small percentage of the votes. I would actually find it quite amusing if this did happen, and would find it a kind-of poetic justice, if a bit ironic. (Again, this election should prove why we need Instant Run-off Voting). "The voters need a choice"? Not that choice. Weasel politics? Right again.

I doubt Davis will be successful with the first part of this lawsuit (the delay), but he might get away with the second part (getting on the ballot). The biggest problem is this; somebody else should have brought the suit. It would look a lot more like "for the good of the people of California" if it didn't have "Self Interest" painted all over the weasel-like body.

Vote against the recall, but select a second-choice candidate in the second part, just to be safe.

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