Monday, August 25, 2003

California Gubernatorial candidate Tom McClintock recently said, referring to the popular movie biography Seabiscuit, "They said that War Admiral couldn't be beat and shouldn't have to run a race against the likes of Seabiscuit. Let me assure everyone that I am one horse that is in this race to the finish line."

Reading that, I had a strange sensation of deja vu. Clicking through a couple of links, I found the following (edited) on Garrett Gruener's web log: "... At one point in the movie, Charles Howard, Seabiscuit's owner, says: "The jockey's too big, the horse is too small, the trainer is too old and the owner is too dumb to notice" ... here's my version of Charles Howard's line: "The campaign is too short, the issues are too big, the opponents are too well known and the candidate is going for it anyway."

(Gruener's latest blog entry compares the state budget to a scene in the movie "Dave" - Warning to Garrett: One more movie metaphor and you're out! That's the sort of simple pandering we expect from the Arnold, not from an entrepreneur like you.)

Wondering if the Seabiscuit reference was a trend*, I did a little more clicking and came up with the following:But, actually, none of these was the first political Seabiscuit reference this year. Presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich tied his long-shot campaign into the opening of Seabiscuit last month. Did the public buy the tie-in? Let's see:

"Seabiscuit's story is a perfect reflection of Dennis Kucinich's campaign. Seabiscuit was a long-shot and many people said he had no chance to win. But he inspired the nation... and he did win! So can Dennis Kucinich!" said Ethel Orr, 82 year old supporter of Kucinich.

Meanwhile, this morning I received an email from candidate Cheryl Bly-Chester asking me to review her site and give her my take on her proposals. (She must have found this page by doing a Google search for her own name.) I'll be taking a closer look at her site and posting the results here later this week.

* One difference between the recall election and a horse race: There are only eight horses in a race.

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