Thursday, August 07, 2003

OK - By now it's well known that Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to be the Governator of California. "Vote me now, recall me later." I would have taken his press conference last night a little more seriously if he hadn't ended it with "I'll be back." Seriously, that one is no joke. While walking away from the reporters he actually said, "I'll be back."

Meanwhile, there will be at least one prominant, officially annointed Democrat on the recall ballot. Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante has filed his papers as an option to Governor Gray Davis. The list of potential candidates has now grown to over 500 (a ten page ballot for just one office). If they all complete their papers (65 signatures) and pay the $3,500, the next Governor of California could be elected with 0.3% of the vote. But, not to fear, so far only 30 or so candidates have completed the process and qualified.

Among them, an old acquaintance of mine from Sacramento, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla. Padilla told the Sacramento Bee, "If elected, I promise to disconnect every answering machine in state government. All phones will be answered by people. If workers say they are too busy to answer the phone, fire them." Back on July 25 Leonard predicted that Bustamante would take over, "Then Cruz will appoint Gray as lieutenant governor." (Regarding that paper, Leonard once gave me the excellent advice to "pay attention to what the Bee don't print.")

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