Saturday, August 16, 2003

In previous postings (and other articles on my web site) I've run on about how the California recall election points out the need for IRV; Instant Run-off Voting.

If you'd like to see how IRV would work in October, visit Recall Sanity. (Warning: with 135 candidates, it takes a minute or two to load. Thanks to candidate Georgy Russell, who included that link in her newsletter.) For more non-California examples of IRV in action and an explanation of how it all works, visit DemoChoice, or try my IRV-style poll, "What's your favorite Hitchcock movie."

Am I the only one who's noticed this one? Two candidates with the same web site! Well, their platforms are very different, but they each used the same design template and didn't change a thing about it.
* Ed Beyer
* Eric Korevaar

And, for those who are sick of hearing about California politics, I leave you with a link to Comedy Notebook (blog).

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