Friday, August 08, 2003

Here's the question that I've not heard addressed regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger's candidacy for California Governor: How will equal time provisions effect Terminator 3? What about his other pictures?

This sounds silly, but is actually a serious question. Will TV and radio shy away from accepting advertising for the new movie because they may end up owing other candidates access to the same amount of airtime? What about stations that may have scheduled an older Arnold movie for air between now and October 7? (Make your own joke about Total Recall here). Will they have to change their schedules?

I believe the story goes that when Ronald Reagan ran for governor (1966), he had to be replaced as host of TV's Death Valley Days (was that the show?) because of these concerns. I was just a little kid at the time, and have no first-hand memory of this. Anybody out there remember that election and how this was handled?

Meanwhile, Georgy Russell, California's favorite 26-year-old hottie for Governor, is only $224 away from the filing fee. Care to donate for "Beauty, Brains, & Leadership"? She's actually a breath of fresh political air compared to most of the others.

All candidates must have their money and their petitions in tomorrow. On Monday, the Secretary of State's office will begin verifying signatures (and depositing checks), and will issue a "certified list" of candidates by the close of business on August 13.

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