Friday, June 22, 2001

Bush needs a geography lesson - or - Did we win a war I wasn't told about?

The kids at Oakhill College in Lancashire, England sent a congratulatory letter to Bush after his inauguration and recently received a signed letter from him in response.

The letter read: "As young Americans, you have an important responsibility, which is to become good citizens... I hope you will continue to learn more about our wonderful country. School provides the right foundation so I urge you to study hard. Then you can be well-prepared for the future."

Now, did he somehow grant U.S. citizenship to these students in England? Is that legal? Does that mean John Major gets to claim an American class as British subjects?

Also in today's news: Carrol O'Conner, Dead at 76. - A truly sad day. I personally feel that O'Conner was far under-rated as an actor. I grew up with him as Archie Bunker, but I also appreciate him in some of his older, movie roles.

O'Conner trivia: He auditioned for, and really went after, the part of Skipper Jonas Grumby on Gilligan's Island, but lost out to Allen Hale, Jr.

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