Monday, June 11, 2001

What a weekend. We flew down to L.A. Friday morning for a wedding Friday afternoon. The bride was a childhood friend of Leslie's. The wedding was nice, the reception was fantastic (at La Venta, at the top of the Palos Verdes peninsula, with an incredible view), and me turning blue.

Yeah, I was sick. I must have picked up a bug earlier in the day, or eaten something bad, because I was fading fast and we all had to leave early (we were with my in-laws). Turns out we got out of there just in time. We stopped as soon as we could to pick up a bottle of Pepto, and I took a shot, but it was too little too late.

We got onto the freeway and just a few miles down the road I started spewing. It was actually quite a site, with my head out the window, watching it fly off into the night. We pulled off immediately, and I continued my retching into the gutter. We had to make several more gutter stops along the way back to my in-laws house.

At only one stop did anybody walk by on the sidewalk (nobody walks in L.A.) and make any notice of what was going on. Obviously tourists, I hope they truly enjoyed the show and will tell all their friends when they get back home about the Hollywood decadence.

Now here's the good news: I spent Saturday, and part of Sunday in bed watching TV. I couldn't eat anything (I'm still only up to crackers and Jello), so I was just camped out there. With cable. Yes, cable. On TVLand they were having a Dick Van Dyke show marathon. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

The original Dick Van Dyke show is my favorite show of all time. I swear, even if I weren't really sick, I'd have faked it to be able to watch Dick Van Dyke (and Mary Tyler Moore!) all weekend without being bothered.

Anyway, I'm back. Hope you didn't miss me too much.

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