Thursday, June 21, 2001

It was another scorcher here yesterday: Up over 95 degrees, which means it gets to be over 100 in our apartment in the late afternoon and early evening. So last night, we were out again to borrow the air conditioning at the mall.

A new store at the mall: Well, not really a store, but one of those little free-standing kiosks blocking up the aisles in the middle of the mall. "Rubber Duckie Republic." Your one stop shop for all your rubber duckie needs.

They've got your basic bath-time rubber duckies, the rubber duckie with a cowboy hat, the rubber duckie dressed as a fireman, etc. You get the idea. Also for sale are over-sized, inflatable rubber ducks for use in the pool, and tee-shirts proclaiming that you're a rubber duckie fan.

There did not seem to be much interest in this little booth, and the proprietor looked very bored and upset. I don't think things are going well in the rubber duck business these days.

I told Leslie, "No matter how bad the job and financial situation gets, if I come home one day and say I'm investing all we've got left in a kiosk full of rubber ducks, shoot me immediately."

Meanwhile, it's only 7:00 AM, and it feels like it's already up to 80 degrees. I wonder where tonight's adventure will take us?

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