Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Some dogs just refuse to die. Checkers, the Nixon family dog who saved Dick's political career in 1952, is going to be moving from her current home in New York, out to California. No, Checkers is not still alive, but she'll be moving anyway.

Checkers is currently buried in a Long Island, N.Y. pet cemetery. On CNN last week, however, Julie Nixon Eisenhower said she wants to move Checkers' remains to the Nixon presidential library in Yorba Linda, California.

Says Julie, "Some day we're going to bring her to the library." I just hope she doesn't mess on the library carpet. I guess it's true, they really are going to keep Checkers, "regardless of what they say."

Speaking of old [Republican] dogs that just refuse to die, a according to a new survey, forty-three percent of W's appointees worked for his dad's administration as well. Thirty-one percent served in Reagan's, and fifteen percent worked in Clinton's White House.

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