Monday, June 18, 2001

Weekend movie round-up time:

What we saw in the theatre: With a Friend like Harry - We had no idea what to expect here. All we knew was that it was what was starting next at our local little theatre.

The Los Gatos Cinema is a bit of an "art house." It is not a typical multiplex that only plays the big hits. It has just two theatres, and plays foreign films at least as often as American ones.

Harry turned out to be a French drama, and somewhat of a thriller or suspense picture. A nice young family go on holiday and run into Harry, an old school friend of the husband's. Only the husband can't remember Harry. Harry, and his girlfriend, Plum, latch onto the young family and try to "help" with results that get more bizarre as the film builds to a crescendo.

A fascinating look at the workings of a sociopath (or is Harry a psychopath?), this is definitely a well done bit of work that also brings up questions about the meaning of life and whether or not we allow our daily routines get in the way of our calling.

What we rented: The Tao of Steve - An independent American film. Very good intellectual comedy. Not your typical ode to the slacker lifestyle, the main character in this film likens his lack of career (or personal grooming) to the desirelessness of the Buddhist monk.

The Steve in question is actually Steve McQueen, the ideal of the strong, independent American male. The Tao of Steve is the main character's guide to life and picking up chicks through achieving a Steve-like state of cool. The female point of view is also well represented. Highly recommended.

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