Monday, June 25, 2001

Gore II: This Time it's Personal

An interesting article by David Corn on, THE GORE GAP: Coming Soon to an Election Near You? , takes a look at whether or not Big Al will be attempting to right the wrongs of 2000 by running again in 2004.

The article points out the hypocrisy of many Democratic "leaders" who supported Gore through the whole Florida fiasco, but are now distancing themselves and privately saying they would not support Gore in 2004. Corn further points out the possible disconnect between these "leaders" and the Democratic rank and file, who might be open to a revenge-tinged Gore pitch: "It's time to even the score: Gore in '04."

All of which adds up to this: If Gore, the ultimate insider (son of a Senator, former Congressman, Senator, and VP), runs again, it will be against the party establishment, making him an outsider candidate.

What the article stops short of, but I will point it, is that recent elections have shown the voters love "outsiders." Being dissed by the party establishment may be the best thing to ever happen to Gore.

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