Thursday, June 28, 2001

Now this truly is sad news. Jack Lemmon died yesterday of complications from cancer. He was always one of my favorite actors, going back as far as I can recall.

Early on, for me, it was the comic roles that made me a fan when I was a kid: The Apartment, Some Like it Hot, the Odd Couple..., but as an adult I discovered that Lemmon was a great dramatic actor as well: Save the Tiger, Days of Wine and Roses...

He'd been a favorite of mine for so long that it seemed like a stronger relationship than just that between a movie fan and an admired actor. There was almost a sense of kinship that ran deeper than simply being proud to be from the same home town. His roles seemed to hold a meaning for me, that there was something to learn from. Even the silliest of films, where he played the most unassuming, or even pathetic, of characters, there was an inner strength that made him come out on top of the more obvious heroes. That was something I could relate to, and take hope from.

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