Tuesday, May 28, 2002

I actually worked today! I didn't leave the house (yet), or even get dressed (yet), but I did go to work. Through the miracle of the internet and the telephone I managed to put in about an hour and a half of work this morning, take a rest before I passed out, then do another hour and a half, including phoning in for a meeting.

I'm afraid this will also have to be the format for "working" tomorrow as well, but I'm still hopeful that I can get into the office - even for a short time - on Thursday.

Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon I did manage to go outside. I got dressed and walked all the way up to the mailbox (at the front of the apartment complex) and back. When I got back in I was all feverish and sweaty and had to lie down for a 90 minute nap, but I did manage to make it outside. I'll try this again a little later this afternoon.

Tomorrow: Not only do I plan to try walking outside, but I might even try to drive around the block! (A necessary first step before driving to work).

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