Friday, May 24, 2002

I just got off the phone with my brother, Steve (creator of Beneath Los Angeles). He wanted to know what I was doing on Sunday.

I replied that I hoped that by Sunday I'd be able to actually put on clothing, and step out the front door of my apartment for the first time since Tuesday. He wanted to know if I could make it as far as Los Angeles, and I replied with a laugh (and, yes, it does hurt when I laugh) that, no, I wouldn't be able to get down there, and what's going on?

It seems that he and his fiancée are tired of waiting and planning - They just decided to get married this Sunday. Sort of a semi-planned elopement. I am actually wondering if there's any way I can make it, but that's ridiculous. I'm still in a tremendous amount of pain, and not able to move easily. Two days is not going to be enough time for me to be ready to fly down to L.A., and I'm sure as hell not going to want to sit in a car for seven hours each way.

So, I wished them luck, and asked them to take lots of pictures. I can't believe I'm going to miss his wedding! This is just unreal. Maybe it didn't really happen? Maybe the drugs are making me hallucinate? I'll have Leslie call back and confirm that conversation when she gets home in a couple of hours.

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