Sunday, May 19, 2002

Sorry, I was forced to be away from the blog for a few days, as my ISP wasn't letting me online. Now, with new dial-up numbers entered into my PPP control panel, I'm back - But I forgot what it was I wanted to post while I was gone...

I'm getting a little nervous about the surgery on Tuesday, but not too bad. It should be fairly easy, as these things go, and not too much danger of anything going wrong. It's more the week (or more) of severe pain following the surgery that's got me concerned.

My doctor told me one week's recovery before I should go back to work. Looking it up on, however, gives me an answer of two to three weeks recovery. What I told the folks at work is that I'll be back on May 28th (after one week), but don't expect much out of me until June 3rd.

I'm more not looking forward to Monday. I've got about fifteen hours of work to cram into that last day before I go out - and that's after working overtime several days last week.

Meanwhile, we're trying to enjoy the weekend as much as possible. We walked for hours yesterday, enjoying the nice spring day, then went over the hill to Santa Cruz for dinner on the pier. Today we'll be going to an invitation-only tasting at one of our favorite wineries, and maybe doing some hiking in the mountains.

Book note: I just found out this morning that my book, Aaron's Intifada and Other Short Stories, is available from Walmart!

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