Monday, May 27, 2002

A partial list of the videos I've watched over the last week of recovery from surgery (partial because I'm not sure I'll remember them all - I'm still on drugs, you'll recall). In no particular order:

SLC Punk (dated, but fun if you can relate to the date)
Badlands (still holds up after all these years)
Committed (better than expected, and got better as it went along, but slightly flawed nevertheless)
The Stunt Man (also still held up to my memories of way-back-when - Included the "bonus" DVD of "The Sinister Story of the Making of The Stunt Man")
Inherit the Wind (classic - Leslie's first time seeing it)
Ali (excellent!)
The Last Waltz (the greatest concert film of all time)

On the TV (selections from the dozens of hours watched):

Billy Madison (I admit it: Adam Sandler is funny - especially when you're on painkillers)
Sally, Ricki, and the final Rosie, but no Oprah
Lots of SNL reruns
Cops, People's Court, Judge Judy, and about a thousand other 'real' shows
The Weakest Link (Ed Begley, Jr. won)
and just now, the "M5" episode of Star Trek (I'm taking this as a sign that it's time for me to get off my ass and try to get back to work ASAP: Our new database system at work is called "M5" in honor of this episode).

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