Monday, May 20, 2002

The rain yesterday changed our plans for a hike in the mountains. We did go to the wine tasting (slightly disappointing, considering their usual quality), but then spent much of the day in a book a shop, and in front of the TV.

Today it's raining again, which doesn't thrill me, as I've got to go to San Francisco this afternoon. The sun is expected to make a return tomorrow, but I'll miss it as the doctors perform their slice and dice in my colon.

Tonight: The final episode of Allie McBeal. I'm so happy about that. This is a show I wasn't wild about to begin with, but somehow got hooked in. When I began watching it, it was for all the other characters - Calista Flockhart really annoyed me.

Then, last year, when Robert Downey, Jr., was on, it really brought out the best in Calista. I believe Downey actually taught her how to act. This year, however, the show has been truly reaching - "jumping the shark" as they say - and I'm ready for it to end.

Yes, I'm weak: I know I could stop watching anytime, but as I said, I'm hooked. I need the final episode to air before my Monday nights can be my own again to with as I please.

Tonight, we shall raise a glass to Allie McBeal, we shall enjoy a glass of fine wine (or a rich port, or maybe even some single-malt Scotch...) and toast to the end of the show. Then try to sleep knowing that surgery comes tomorrow...

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