Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Holy Crap! I agree with W!
"President Bush has stated that he is opposed to price controls and does not support cutting the federal gas tax because he is looking for long-term, not short-term solutions to this energy crisis. As a result, the president cannot stop gasoline prices from rising this summer."
In his defense of the free economy, W has accidentally done something good for the environment.

Believe me, I'm not happy with paying $2/gallon (current area average - $0.25 above the national average), and I don't look forward to the price going up further, but denying the problem ain't gonna help fix anything. Also, as expensive as we feel gas has gotten in the U.S., we're still paying far less per gallon than nearly anyplace else.

If the rise in prices helps slow down SUV sales, convinces more people to buy vehicles like the Honda Hybrid (runs on gas & electric), and encourages a little conservation, I'll grit my teeth and bear it.

Today, in San Jose, it's 93 degrees, and we're having rolling black-outs due to the energy crunch. Price controls at the pump aren't going to help us in the long run. It's a quick-and-easy, short-term band aid, of the type that politicians usually favor for the feel-good aspect.

I'm more amazed to hear me say this than any of you are, but Bravo W! Resist the temptation for the short-term quick "fix". Now the hard part: Come up a realistic long-term solution.

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