Thursday, May 31, 2001

Yesterday I was getting depressed about the job situation, and just basically tired, hot (it broke 93 degrees again), and pissed off in general. So when it was time for dinner, I only wanted only two things: Red meat and dark rum.

Leslie (my wife, remember?) realized I was in no mood to discuss other [healthier] options, and allowed me to take us to Black Angus for dinner, where I had a rib-eye and Coke and Meyers. And another Coke and Meyers.

Damn, that's a good combination. Both the combination of Coke and the dark rich Meyers rum, and the combination of that drink with a nice red piece of meat. Very satisfying. And, incredibly enough, helped my mood considerably.

At dinner, I was telling Leslie about Jenna Bush's latest escapade (see below), and she had a great line. Imitating Janna's Dad she said, "She thinks she's invincimable." (That's a subliminable joke)

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