Sunday, May 06, 2001

I just had my first Red Bull Energy Drink. I've resisted for some time, thinking it was overpriced and trendy, but I was out for a walk, and it was awful damn hot, and it just looked like the right choice.

I don't know if Red Bull ("Not recommended for children or persons sensitive to caffeine") is popular in the rest of the country, but here in the Silicon Valley it's on the order of a sacrament. The Valley is full of teams of coders who work 20 hours a day on a diet of nothing but Red Bull and Cheetos.

The taste is somewhere between Cherry 7-Up and Cherry Robitussin. But I could see how it would grow on you. Frankly, I think it would go down a lot better mixed with vodka, but that would probably defeat the purpose.

Am I full of energy from it? Not that I'm aware of, but then, I did just type this in about fifteen second, and my head is buzzing just a bit...

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