Thursday, May 03, 2001

A new article by Michael Moore on Alternet, "George Hasn't Done Anything Al Wouldn't Have", exposes the truth behind some of the "shocking" things W has done to destroy the environment.

While much was made of W's rescinding of Clinton's executive order to reduce the amount of arsenic in our water supply, only Michael Moore has the guts to point out that Clinton only signed that order in the last weeks of his presidency and it had yet to go into effect. In other words, old Tubby did it to ensure his "environmental legacy" knowing full well that it would never become law (and become an annoyance to his sponsors in the chemical industry). It's politics, not policy.

As evil as W may seem (and evil is as stupid does), he's only continuing the policies of the last eight years, and Big Al wouldn't have done anything different. Yep, W's got to be stopped - But don't hold your breath waiting for the Democrats to stop him.

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