Friday, May 04, 2001

Reading this morning's news, I see that Tina won the big Survivor II TV show, and all I have to say is, "Tina who?"

I frankly didn't remember her at all, having only watched the first few weeks of Survivor II before we lost our TV reception. I see Colby came in second. He, I remember, and didn't particularly care for. I don't feel that I really missed anything by not watching the series through to completion. Nor do I really miss TV in general all that much.

Sure, I do miss West Wing, and I'd enjoy seeing Boston Public, and maybe Ed, but it has not left any kind of void in my life to not have access to it. We're watching a lot of movies on tape, and I'm enjoying that a lot more.

Of course, if Elisabeth had been one of the Survivor finalists, I might have a different story to tell. I'd say it's because she's from my home town of Newton, Massachusetts, but it's really just because she's so damn cute! (And isn't that what TV is really good at?)

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