Thursday, May 03, 2001

On the site Democrats With Spine, a user named "perry" had this to say:
"In what can only be described as a baffling move, the city council of San Diego has unanimously banned the use of the word 'minority' in public documents and discussions... Does anyone really believe that this kind of PC crap will make a difference?"

Considering that "PC" usually refers to the excessive linguistic zealousness of the left, perry couldn't be further from the source of this move to ban the word "minority."

The move in San Diego is actually only a precursor to a [California] statewide initiative to ban the use of "minority" that will likely be on our ballots sometime in the next year or two. This initiative is brought to us by the same fine folks who brought us props 186 (denying health, education, and other services to undocumented aliens) and 209 (ending affirmative action).

Why is the right adopting the lingo of the left (PC) to pass these "minority" laws? (And yes, it was deliberately obfuscated, so perry shouldn't feel bad about being duped about the source).

Because by eliminating "minority" from the official vocabulary they've successfully closed off any discussion of race problems, and therefore, any rolling back of props 186 or 209. Not mentioning "minorities" helps to keep the fat, old, white guys in power. A return to the good ol' 1950s.

When the statewide campaign begins look for a lot of misleading advertisements saying that only by eliminating "minorities" can we truly help them to be a part of our society. Did I say the 1950s? I meant 1984.

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