Saturday, May 12, 2001

In his weekly radio address today, W said, "To the Congress who's interested in helping consumers pay high gas prices: pass the tax relief as quickly as possible. That's the quickest way to help consumers."

Where to begin... with the grammar or with the hypocrisy? OK, how about the hypocrisy...

So, now the tax cut plan is designed to relieve consumers who are being hit by high energy prices. A convenient way to claim that he actually has an energy plan, but a rather thin attempt at that. Remember, this is the same plan W's been selling since he started to run for president.

During the campaign W presented his tax cut as the proper thing to do because the economy was going so well. It was a high-times tax cut. Once taking office, the same exact plan was suddenly specifically designed to deal with an economy that's going to hell, and just antidote to the dot-bomb blues. This week it's an answer to the energy crisis. And next week the W tax cut will be the only way to put Timothy McVeigh to death.

Now, the grammar... Since when is Congress a singular who? How about a what, or maybe a plural who. But more serious is this, "... Congress who's interested in helping consumers pay high gas prices..." What? Congress wants us to pay high gas prices? And I naively thought they wanted to relieve us from paying high gas prices. The bastards.

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